• Mongolian authorities issue ”Selfie Warnings”

    2017 оны 2 сарын 17
    On 10th of February, a thirty-year-old Mongolian woman was found dead on Mount Dulaankhaan in the Shaamar soum of Selenge province.
  • European Union and Red Cross bring relief to Mongolian herders

    2017 оны 2 сарын 17
    Tens of thousands of nomadic herders in Mongolia face hunger and the loss of their livelihoods, the Red Cross warned on Thursday, as temperatures plummet and heavy snow blankets much of the country for a second straight winter.
  • Mongolian livestock: 20 million young expected

    2017 оны 2 сарын 15
    A total of 61 million livestock have been enduring an extra harsh winter in Mongolia.
  • Mongolian border crossings to close for three days

    2017 оны 2 сарын 15
    According to an inter-governmental agreement, the Mongolia-Chinese border crossings will be closed from 27th of February to 1st of March for the traditional spring festival ‘Tsagaan Sar’ (White Moon).
  • AIDS/HIV on the rise in Mongolia

    2017 оны 2 сарын 15
    Based on the statistics released by the National Centre for Communicable Diseases, there have been a total of 229 cases of HIV/AIDS since the first HIV case was reported in Mongolia 25 years ago.
  • Top Russian Psychic to visit Mongolia again

    2017 оны 2 сарын 14
    Viktoria Raidos, winner of the 16th season of Russia’s “Battle of the Psychics” TV show, will visit Mongolia on 3rd of March. She came to Mongolia for the first time last year.
  • Mongolian ”White Moon” Festival in Prague

    2017 оны 2 сарын 14
    Ahead of the traditional ‘Tsagaan Sar’ (White Moon) festival, the Mongolian Embassy in the Czech Republic in cooperation with the “Step in Mongolia” travel company organised a cultural event in Prague on 13th of February.
  • Jeju Olle Foundation to open two hiking trails in Mongolia

    2017 оны 2 сарын 13
    The Jeju Olle Foundation, the caretaker of the Olle Trail on South Korea’s largest tourist island of Jeju, said Monday it will launch two hiking trails in Mongolia starting June that it has developed in cooperation with the state-run Jeju Tourism Organisation and a tourism agency in the Northeast Asian country.
  • HIV/AIDS projects in Mongolia

    2017 оны 2 сарын 10
    Since 2003, Mongolia has received USD 57.9 million from the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.
  • Mongolian photo exhibition at Polish Sejm

    2017 оны 2 сарын 10
    Entitled “Mongolia – through the lens”, a photo exhibition opened in the building of the Polish Sejm (parliament) on 8th of February.
  • Endangered antelope ’may be wiped out’

    2017 оны 2 сарын 9
    The death of more than 2,000 critically endangered Saiga antelope in Mongolia was caused by a disease that could now threaten the entire population.
  • Mongolia suspends Daylight Saving Time

    2017 оны 2 сарын 8
    On 8th of February, a regular meeting of the Mongolian Cabinet suspended Daylight Saving Time also known as Summer Time.
  • Ulaanbaatar children: high lead levels in blood

    2017 оны 2 сарын 8
    Air pollution level is considered safe when PM-2.5 (fine particulate matter) is 50 according to the Mongolian National Air Quality Standard (MNS 4585:2016). If the index reaches 500 for 24 hours, humans will experience an oxygen shortage.
  • More Mongolians to receive scholarships to Australia

    2017 оны 2 сарын 8
    S.Batbold, Mayor of Ulaanbaatar received His Excellency John Langtry, Ambassador of Australia to Mongolia on 7th of February.
  • Ulaanbaatar Winter Festival

    2017 оны 2 сарын 8
    The ‘Ulaanbaatar Winter Festival-2017’, a family event, promoting physical exercise and winter sports will take place at the National Park on 11-12th of February.
  • Japan’s ‘Grass Roots’ Programme’: success in eastern Mongolia

    2017 оны 2 сарын 8
    Kikuchi Minoru, adviser to the Japanese Ambassador in Mongolia has visited Dornogovi, a province in the east of the country.
  • Traditional Mongolian music festival

    2017 оны 2 сарын 7
    Ahead of the Mongolian national celebration ‘Tsagaan Sar’ (White Moon), a traditional music festival entitled ‘Mongolia’ takes place annually.
  • Mongolia and Belarus sign agreement on culture sector

    2017 оны 2 сарын 7
    J.Batsuuri, Minister of Education, Culture and Sciences received S.V.Chepurnoi, Ambassador of Belarus to Mongolia on 6th of February.
  • Molly the police dog receives award

    2017 оны 2 сарын 6
    Mongolian police dog Molly has received a medal for sniffing out a large number of crimes; its handler O.Tumenjargal was awarded a cash payment.
  • Mongolia to combat domestic violence

    2017 оны 2 сарын 2
    The Law to Combat Domestic Violence was approved by the Mongolian Parliament in December. The law identifies domestic violence as a crime and came into effect on 1st of January.
  • Plate restrictions for Mongolian ‘Lunar New Year’

    2017 оны 2 сарын 1
    Mongolians are preparing for the Lunar New Year,  known locally as ‘Tsagaan Sar’.