• Ch.Saikhanbileg summoned regarding EMC

    Өчигдөр 18 цаг 27 минут
    The Judicial Standing Committee called a meeting at 15.00 today (25th October) to discuss matters regarding the Erdenet Mining Corporation (EMC) and MongolRosTsvetmet LLC.
  • American paleontologists dig in Mongolian desert

    Өчигдөр 18 цаг 11 минут
    An ancient bone bed in a remote Mongolian desert presents tantalizing clues that dinosaurs of a feather may have flocked together for the same reasons modern birds do.
  • ‘Troubled Sun’ to premier next week

    Өчигдөр 18 цаг 11 минут
    ‘Troubled Sun’ is a new historic play, based on life of Mongolia’s most famous writer and poet D.Natsagdorj and will premiere at the National Academic Drama Theatre in November.
  • Mongolian cycling tour across South Korea

    Өчигдөр 18 цаг 10 минут
    A total of 21 members of the ‘MB’ international bicycle tour association have started a road trip through the cities of South Korean.
  • 20th anniversary of world tallest indoor statue

    Өчигдөр 18 цаг 1 минут
    The Gandantegchinlen Monastery, which is the main Buddhist centre in Mongolia will mark the 20th anniversary of the rebuilding of Avalokitesvara statue on 26th of October.
  • M.Urantsetseg to compete at Abu Dhabi Grand Slam

    Өчигдөр 17 цаг 55 минут
    Mongolian top-ranking judoka of her weight (48kg) M.Urantsetseg will compete at the IJF’s Grand Slam. The competition will take place in Abu Dhabi on 28th of October.
  • Mongolians join in singing children’s song

    Өчигдөр 17 цаг 55 минут
    Mongolia celebrated the 60th anniversary of the creation of “Maamuu naash ir” , which is translated as ’let’s play together’, which was held on 25th of October.
  • Hydrologists arrive in Ulaanbaatar

    2016 оны 10 сарын 24
    The 24th Meeting of the International Hydrological Programme’s (IHP) Regional Steering Committee for Southeast Asia and the Pacific is taking place in Ulaanbaatar from 23rd to 27th of October.
  • Election re-run in UB: MPP wins 6 districts

    2016 оны 10 сарын 24
    Voting for the elections for the people’s representatives for the soums and districts of Ulaanbaatar took place on October 19th.
  • A.Bayartsetseg crowned ’Miss World Mongolia 2016’

    2016 оны 10 сарын 24
    A.Bayartsetseg Altangerel was crowned Miss World Mongolia 2016. She will be going on to represent the Mongolia  in Washington D.C. She was crowned as a ”Beauty with Purpose” at the Miss World Mongolia last year.
  • Joint Belarus-Mongolian Commission on trade and economic cooperation

    2016 оны 10 сарын 24
    On October 20th, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Belarus to Mongolia, H.E. Stanislav Chepurnoy met with the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia Ms. Batmunkh Battsetseg.
  • E.Azbileg representing Mongolia at the Miss Earth

    2016 оны 10 сарын 24
    Beauty queen and contortionist E.Azbileg is representing  the Mongolia at the ’Miss Earth 2016’ pageant. Named the 2nd runner-up at the Miss World Mongolia 2015 pageant, E.Azbileg has been nominated as Miss Earth Mongolia 2016 by the Miss Mongolia Tourism Association.
  • Mongolian opera singer to receive highest award

    2016 оны 10 сарын 21
    On 21st October, Presidential Administration announced that Mongolian opera singer G.Ariunbaatar is to be awarded the highest state award,
  • Mongolian coach to train Kazakh national team

    2016 оны 10 сарын 21
    Mongolian coach D.Enkhbaatar will train Kazakhstan’s national female judo team. He has previously worked with G.Otgontsetseg IMS, an Olympic bronze medalist, who has represented Kazakhstan since 2015.
  • Japan co-operates on Mongolian solar power project

    2016 оны 10 сарын 21
    A Mongolian company, Solar Power International LLC, and Japan’s Sharp Corporation and Shigemitsu Shoji Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement for the first large-scale solar power plant enterprise in Mongolia in July.
  • Ulaanbaatar to vote again on Sunday

    2016 оны 10 сарын 21
    Polling for over 15 thousand candidates for some 7800 seats as people’s representatives in the soums (rural districts) and city districts ended yesterday at 22.00. Mr Ch.Sodnomtseren,
  • South Korea tightens visa rules for Mongolians

    2016 оны 10 сарын 21
    According to an interview with Shin Sang Kyun, First Secretary at the Embassy of the Republic Korea in Ulaanbaatar,
  • Local Election - MPP in the lead

    2016 оны 10 сарын 21
    On 19th of October, Mongolians voted for the election of the people’s representatives to the ’soum khurals’ (district councils) and municipal councils.
  • Dolphin family to stay in Ulaanbaatar for a month

    2016 оны 10 сарын 21
    A total of six thousand people have already seen the performance of the visiting dolphins in Ulaanbaatar since 12th of October.
  • Blasts from the past: 90’s pop legends  to perform in Mongolia

    2016 оны 10 сарын 21
    The British-American dance band ’Londonbeat’ along with the German dance duo ’La Bouche’ are to perform in Ulaanbaatar next month
  • Snow closes roads during Mongolian local election

    2016 оны 10 сарын 20
    The Mongolian local election took place on 19th of October. But bad weather affected local election turnout.