• Mongolian Culture Centre opens on Java

    1 цаг 32 минутын өмнө
    A Mongolian Culture Centre has opened in the Tanjung Lesung Resort on the Indonesian island of Java. The opening ceremony was held on 26th of November as a part of the programme of events marking the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Mongolia and Indonesia.
  • ”Swastika attack”: Russian Embassy to apologise

    Өнөөдөр 18 цаг 25 минут
    On Monday (5th of December), lawyer G.Batbayar and the family of S.Amarmandakh, frontman of the group ‘Khar Sarnai’ (Black Rose) met officials from the Russian Embassy in Mongolia regarding the assault on the singer.
  • Miss World 2016: A.Bayartsetseg ”Bela” in top 5

    Өнөөдөр 18 цаг 16 минут
    It has been more than a week since the 120 delegates from all over the world have gathered in the Washington DC.
  • Mongolian Democratic Party holds convention after 10 year break

    Өнөөдөр 18 цаг 2 минут
    Earlier today (6th December), the 6th Convention of the Mongolian Democratic Party (DP) began at the Central Cultural Palace after 10 years break.
  • Mongolian woman to climb Vinson Massif

    Өнөөдөр 8 цаг 35 минут
    Located 1,200 km from the South Pole, 4,897 metre Mount Vinson is the highest mountain in Antactica.
  • Mongolian beauty queen: new Disney Mulan?

    Өчигдөр 17 цаг 49 минут
    Beauty contestant A.Bayartsesteg has received a casting invitation for Disney’s new Live-Action Mulan. The 25-year-old is representing Mongolia in the Miss World 2016 beauty competition, taking place in Washington D.C. later this month Contestants from 110 countries are competing against each other for the crown.
  • Mongolia says bank bondholders will be repaid in full

    Өчигдөр 17 цаг 48 минут
    Development Bank of Mongolia bondholders can expect their debts to be repaid in full when they fall due next year, a senior finance official said on Friday, even as the state-backed bonds traded below par just three months before maturity.
  • Mongolian woman becomes world bodybuilding champion - again!

    Өчигдөр 17 цаг 24 минут
    G.Ugalztsetseg has became the two time champion in the athletic body category of the Bodybuilding and Fitness World Championship for the second time. The 37-year-old is a trainer at the ‘Ulaanbaatar fitness center.
  • Oyu Tolgoi suspends copper exports to China

    Өчигдөр 9 цаг 42 минут
    Mongolia’s giant Oyu Tolgoi mine has stopped its copper concentrate exports to China. According to our source, Beijing has demanded that trucks carrying coal and copper concentrate must enter in a single convoy through the border-crossing between China and Mongolia.
  • M.Urantsetseg becomes champion at Tokyo Grand Slam

    Өчигдөр 9 цаг 40 минут
    Mongolian top-ranking judoka of her weight group (48kg), M.Urantsetseg has become the champion of the International Judo Federation’s most recent Grand Slam.
  • Earthquake: Miners and students evacuated

    Өчигдөр 9 цаг 38 минут
    On Friday 2nd of December, an earthquake was recorded  in Mongolia’s South Gobi (Umnugobi) province. According to the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), there were some 20 shocks ranging in magnitude from 1.5 to 3.8.
  • Mongolian top fashion show attracts foreigners

    2016 оны 12 сарын 2
    The biggest fashion event in Mongolia is the annual ’Goyol’ fashion show.
  • Mongolian National Democratic Party leader resigns

    2016 оны 12 сарын 2
    Mr. M.Enkhsaikhan has resigned as leader of the Mongolian National Democratic Party following a new appointment by the Government; he is to become Mongolian Ambassador to Sweden.
  • Japanese Ambassador receives highest city award

    2016 оны 12 сарын 2
    The Chairman of the Ulaanbaatar City Council, Ts.Sandui has presented the Order of ‘Khangarid’ to His Excellency Takenori Shimizu, Ambassador of Japan to Mongolia for his contribution to the development of the Mongolian capital. The Order of ‘Khangarid’ is the highest award