• World Bank to help Mongolia to diversify exports

    Өчигдөр 17 цаг 35 минут
    The Mongolia Ministry of Finance and the World Bank have launched an Export Development Project aimed to help small- and medium-sized enterprises(SME’s) in the non-minerals sectors, to strengthen their export capacity and boost their access to export markets.
  • ”Technology & Investment to Mongolia”

    Өчигдөр 17 цаг 16 минут
    An international conference and exhibition entitled “Technology & Investment to Mongolia 2017” will take place at Ulaanbaatar’s ’Shangri-La Hotel’ on 20th-21st of April.
  • Kenya and Mongolia Sign MoU to Promote Sustainable Finance

    2017 оны 3 сарын 24
    The Kenya Banking Association (KBA) amd the Mongolian Bankers Association (MBA), members of the IFC-supported Sustainable Banking Network (SBN), have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to advance environmental and social risk management and sustainable financing practices for the Kenyan and Mongolian banking sector.
  • Mongolia starts coal transportation to Tianjin

    2017 оны 3 сарын 24
    A new rail route to transport coal from Olon-Ovoo station in the Dornogobi province to China’s port city of Tianjin started operation on 23rd of March. Tianjin is the closest sea port to Mongolia’s southern border and the most important logistics hub in the north of China.
  • Why the bailout?

    2017 оны 3 сарын 23
    The Mongolia government has jointly announced with the IMF that it will implement the politically difficult - but inevitable - rescue package, and avoid becoming a delinquent international debtor.
  • Mongolia to audit commercial banks’ assets

    2017 оны 3 сарын 22
    In the framework of implementing the Extended Fund Facility (EFF) of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Mongolia is planning to audit the financial assets of its commercial banks.
  • Mongolia to ban coal burning

    2017 оны 3 сарын 21
    While most of the year Ulaanbaatar’s skies are clear, between November and March, visibility beyond a few blocks is nearly impossible in many parts of the city. Coal burning by the 175,000 households in the ger districts, for cooking and heating, contributes to the severity of air pollution in wintertime – summer air pollution is much lower. Ulaanbaatar’s “harmful dust” is 6-7 times higher than the most lenient World Health Organization standards.
  • Mongolia to grant for mining licenses

    2017 оны 3 сарын 20
    The ‘Mongolia Mining and Exploration-2017’ conference will take place on 23-26th of March.
  • Mongolia settles USD 580 million debt

    2017 оны 3 сарын 20
    Mongolia has paid a USD 580 million debt bonded by the Development Bank LLC. Prime Minister J.Erdenebat has confirmed that this sum has been fully transferred on time and in advance of the 21st of March expiry date.
  • Mongolia plans to export 40 tonnes of gold

    2017 оны 3 сарын 17
    Mongolia Gold 2017 Conference and Exhibition opened at the Chinggis Hotel on 17th of March. The event is being organised by the Mongolian Mining Exchange in cooperation with the Ministry of Mining and Heavy Industry, Mongolbank, BCM and HKIMA.
  • Mongolian at Class of Young Global Leaders

    2017 оны 3 сарын 17
    Each year the World Economic Forum undertakes an ambitious endeavour – to scour the world to select 100 young leaders, under the age of 40, who are tackling the world’s most complex challenges with innovative approaches.
  • IMF forecasts solid economic growth for Mongolia

    2017 оны 3 сарын 15
    Mongolia can likely look forward to 7-8 percent economic growth once it rebounds from its economic troubles, the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) country head to Mongolia said.
  • Mongolian consortium to mine at West Tsankhi block

    2017 оны 3 сарын 15
    Erdenes Tavan Tolgoi has reported that geological exploration at the block have resumed again after a break of nearly two years. A consortium of Mongolian companies, ‘Olborlolt” LLC, ”Khishig Arvin Industrial” LLC and ”Mera” LLC have been selected as the main operators at the West Tsankhi mine. The total resources of this mine are estimated at around 4.5 million tons.
  • Mongolia to cooperate with Toronto Stock Exchange

    2017 оны 3 сарын 14
    Robert Peterman, director of International Business Development at the Toronto Stock Exchange has met with a high-level Mongolian delegation currently in the city.
  • Mongolia sees no change in Oyu Tolgoi copper stake

    2017 оны 3 сарын 10
    Mongolia said it has no plans to change the size of its stake in the massive Oyu Tolgoi copper mine, although it is seeking to boost exploration as it works to bolster its finances following an IMF-led loan deal.
  • Mongolia talks on uranium

    2017 оны 3 сарын 10
    India and Mongolia plan to begin formal talks this month on trading in uranium, a mineral abundant in the northeast Asian country.
  • Kincora Copper plans exploration in Mongolia

    2017 оны 3 сарын 9
    Canadian miner Kincora Copper plans over the coming months to start exploration drilling in Mongolia, its CEO told Reuters, calling the area ”one of the last frontiers” for top quality copper assets.
  • Mongolia looks to develop its downstream oil industry

    2017 оны 3 сарын 9
    A plan to develop oil refining capabilities could see Mongolia enhance its energy security, curb its energy import bill and broaden the scope of its manufacturing industry.
  • Mongolia to launch Khuraldai bond

    2017 оны 3 сарын 7
    The Government of Mongolia has announced that it will be repaying USD 104 million of the USD 580 million bond which will be maturing on 21st of March.
  • Mongolia struggles through financial instability

    2017 оны 3 сарын 7
    Mongolian shares rose 4% in March according to Bloomberg’s top company index, after the IMF extended another multi-year bailout for USD 440 million which can unlock an immediate additional 3 billion from bilateral and multilateral partners.
  • ‘Mongolia Gold’ Investment Conference

    2017 оны 3 сарын 6
    Mongolia Gold 2017 Conference and Exhibition will be held on 17th of March in Ulaanbaatar.