MPP MPs deliver demand to Government

2012 оны 4 сарын 16

Political life is intensifying in Mongolia after corruption related arrest of ex-president N.Enkhbayar.

Last Friday, the MPP organized demonstration at Sukhbaatar square to release N.Enkhbayar and some members of the party has demanded the Government to release him soon.

MPs O.Chuluunbat, Ch.Ulaan, D.Terbishdagva and Ts.Shinebayar were together with N.Enkhbayar at ex-president father’s home when police arrested him at dawn of Friday. The MPs have informed journalists at the Government House on Sunday and they noted that force organizations have rudely worked to arrest ex-president and Chief of the MPP. The MPs informed that they want to organize a working group to conclude arrest operation because of force organizations’ awkward arrest work and attack to MPs.  Sunday was weekend and the MPs delivered their proposal to home of Speaker.

Journalists asked about the MPP group that to run active work about the situation. Ch.Ulaan confirmed statement and the group is intending to renew the party activity.

On Monday, nine MPs of the MPP including Ch.Ulaan, O.Chuluunbat, D.Terbishdagva, Ts.Shinebayar and D.Zagdjav have delivered a demand to Speaker D.Demberel about resignation of Justice and Internal Affairs Minister Ts.Nyamdorj.

The demand has been written that “Police has ignored its duty to provide citizens’ tranquility and public order when it has arrested ex-president N.Enkhbayar at night of April 12 to 13. Police employees have significantly violated the Constitution and immunities of MPs. Justice and Internal Affairs Minister Ts.Nyamdorj must take accountability of wrong action of politics and ethics”.

The MPs have requested to discuss resignation of Justice and Internal Affairs Minister Ts.Nyamdorj in conclusion of Managing Council of the MPP and the MPP caucus at Parliament that legislation organizations should not invade to others property when they run operation. If the organizations would violate laws, any official should take accountability.

Besides, there is rumor that some members of the MPP have mentioned to bolt from the party and to enroll the MPRP, the party of N.Enkhbayar.

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