The General Election Commission submits election results

2012 оны 7 сарын 5

The General Election commission (GEC) submitted results of June 28 parliamentary election to the President of Mongolia Tsakhia Elbegdorj. GEC submitted 72 names from 76 for approval. As informed before in two district will be re-vote for third candidate.  Candidates who won seats in the Bayanzurkh and Songinokhairkhan districts did not reach the minimum 28 percent required by Election law. Each district will decide when and how to conduct a rerun and the Bayanzurkh district scheduled re-vote on Sunday, July 8. But GEC preferred to rerun after Naadam celebration because of voters attendance.

Another two candidates in Uvurkhangai province-S.Chinzorig and N.Tumurkhuu not confirmed because GEC have received a document where those candidates from MPP violated the Election law. They distributed alcohol and sweets to voters.

By the submitted results Democratic Party has 31, MPP 25, Civil Will-Green Party 2 and “Justice” coalition 11 seats and three independent candidates.

“I think GEC submitted 72 names regarding the law. This election results was mongolian’s will. Newly elected members of the parliament have to take oath as soon as possible. I have met political parties leaders yesterday. I’m going to issue declare on first session of the new parliament” said Tsakhia Elbegdorj, President of Mongolia.

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