Former president N.Enkhbayar moved to detention center 441

2013 оны 1 сарын 15

The former president, the head of MPRP, N.Enkhbayar was delivered to detention center 441 or Gantskhudag prison at 10.00 pm on Monday from the hospital of detention center 401 where he had been for treatment. After three stages in the courts he was sentenced to 2.6 years in prison.

An official source from the Court Decision Enforcement General Office said:

“Detention center 401 or the transit center is the place to hold a convict until the prison where he should serve his time is determined. Every convict is transferred from the detention center to prison.  In accordance with this rule, as a convict N.Enkhbayar was transferred to detention center 441 or Gantskhudag. The move is not because of the announced hunger strikes by MPRP supporters.”