Former MP U.Khurelsukh unofficially named as candidate for presidential election

2013 оны 2 сарын 7

The former ruling party, the Mongolian People`s Party (MPP) members in parliament held an lengthy session on Wednesday.

As a result of a joint session held by the MPP caucus in parliament, members of MPP Administrative board announced affirming their decision to form a shadow cabinet or a controlling cabinet.

The shadow cabinet will include 5 standing committees and 17 sub-committees consisting of 128 members.

There will also be an office opened called the Civil Hall besides the shadow cabinet. MPP believes such arrangement will provide civilians with a chance to control Government activities.

The shadow cabinet will carry out an open discussion receiving civil opinion via the internet and submit it to the Government to be solved.

The MPP Administrative board also named a few possible candidates for the presidential election during the lengthy session; however MPP previously claimed that the selection of the candidate would be by public poll.

The MPP Administration  named former MP, U.Khurelsukh, as a possible candidate for the presidential election unofficially.

Former MP U.Khurelsukh resigned from parliamentarian membership due to personnel reasons last November.
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