Official website of General Department of Police hacked

2013 оны 2 сарын 18

The General Department of Police website was hacked on February 15th according to local press reports.

Our journalist spoke to the press agent of the General Department of Police, T.Jargalsaikhan.

-Was the website of the General Department of Police hacked?

-The content control system for our website that uploads data, links with the database and has been operational for 5 years since 2008. A web developer team for the content control system temporally halted security and system restoration in order to launch a new system version.

But the website was hacked during the transfer to a new system version.

-Can you give more details about who and why the website was hacked?

-We started an investigation to find out who and where the website was hacked.

-Is there a possibility that some secret level information was leaked?

-The website of the General Department of Police post information related to activities of the Department such as notices, warnings, advice, selections, announcements and news but no secret level documents.

The website did not contain any private or company information so there is no risk of private data leaks.

-When will the website be restored?

-We have delivered a notice of the hacking to the related organizations. IT engineers are currently working on the case.

-What punishments would hackers face?

-Hackers will face punishment for crimes against cyber security.

If a cyber criminal is determined guilty he or she will be given fines worth 100-250 times their minimum wage or sentenced to between 3-6 months in jail. Or if the crime is serious the sentence will be between 2-5 years jail.
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