99.2 percent of high-ranking positions reported their Declaration and Conflict of Interest

2013 оны 2 сарын 19

99.2 percent of high-ranking positions reported their Declaration and Conflict of Interest
Mrs.Ulzii.B, head of Monitoring and Analysis was asked about the progress of the Declarations of Conflict of Interest.

-What is the percentage of those who have registered their Declaration and conflict of interest?

The Anti Corruption Agency started making a registration of the Declaration and conflict of interest on 15th of January 2013 and has now finished. The deadline by law was 5:00pm, last Friday. At the national level 47,000 reports were registered preliminarily which is 98 percent. The high-rankers are 254 thousand and of them 99.2 percent have reported their declaration.  

-Is there anything different or special this year compared to previous years?

The Declaration can now be taken online. Before this a pre-declaration was reported by paper. The law that an online Signature is sufficient has not been implemented yet, but when that law is in force we will refuse paper declerations.

-What is reason behind the check to the Declaration of conflict of interests?

- There are three reasons the Declaration and check must be made. First, every year the Anti-Corruption Agency chooses one public agency or locality and checks the declaration and conflict of interest of everyone who is working at that agency. This is a planed checking process. Second, if there are any complaints the report is evidence of checks.  Third, the Anti-Corruption Agency is checked by self-opinion. If conflicts arise from the reporter that expose some hidden capital from the declaration, the Anti-Corruption Agency appeals to executives of the organization to propose a charge using the law of Anti-Corruption and the law of Conflict of Interest.

-How many people was what kind of charged last year?

Last year 238 declarations of office holders were checked. From them 104 office-holders were charged, 41 received warnings and 45 had their wage cut. Also four people were demoted and 12 office-holders were fired.
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