Ulaanbaatar metro project approved

2013 оны 3 сарын 28

Ulaanbaatar city authorities has set the target to introduce a metro service to public transportation by 2020. A feasibility study has been started supported by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) last year.  

A team from the JICA project introduced the pre-feasibility study report on the metro construction, which is to be built in Ulaanbaatar, to the City authorities where the City`s Citizens` Representative Khural discussed and approved the plan. 

According to the report by the JICA project team the population of Ulaanbaatar city will reach close to 1.7 million by 2030, meaning demands on roads and transportation will be increased 3.1 fold more than today. 

If experts agree to build a metro, Ulaanbaatar City will have the favored transportation tool of Asia Pacific countries.

If the first phase of the Ulaanbaatar metro project can be intensively launched in 2014, construction of infrastructural works will be started in 2016 and the metro can be operational by 2020. 

The JICA project team considered the option to build metro tracks along Peace Avenue connecting from west to east along a 17.7 km long track with underground and raising bridges. 

The team engineers plan to build a 6.6 km long subway metro connecting Baruun 4 Zam to Zuun 4 Zam with the two sides being lifted separately from auto roads.
There is also complex underground infrastructure with stations and all kind of services planned included within the metro building plans. 

Passenger can spend 500-600 MNT for one ride. A metro ride can offer a service to take a passenger in 15 minutes instead of 45 minutes. 

The air pollution caused by car emissions is supposed to reduce to 30 percent and car accidents lessened when a metro is available in Ulaanbaatar city. 

An investment study shows that the metro construction needs a total of 1.5 billion US dollars investment.  JICA and other international organizations are to finance 600 million US dollars and the Mongolian Government will cover 700 million US dollar for the project. 

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