Army Chemists of Tambov City NGO attempted to dump chemical waste in remote district

2013 оны 4 сарын 11

A local newspaper reported that an attempt wasmade to dump chemical magnesium waste in an abandoned air force base in 1st Khoroo in Bagakhangai district on March 31st. Three trucks loaded with 220 tons of magnesium waste drove at night to the abandoned air force base in the territory of Bagakhangai district at night in an attempt to dump he waste in secret. 

According to the residents report the magnesium waste dump attempt came after an agreement between the director of “Army Chemists of Tambov City” non-governmental organization, L.Bayarsaikhan and the Military commander for Air Attack Protections from the General Staff of the Armed Forces, Brigadier-General T.Dashdeleg, to dump chemical waste at the old air force base.

Warehouses of the old air force base are not correctly covered so it is unsafe to store chemicals there. The air base is also near to the only reserve of drinking water in Bagakhangai District.

Residents of the district opposed such illegal action to ensure their security and safe.

Residents also explained about the military official refusing to consider residents complaints when they signed the secret agreement. The debate weakened after residents` expressed strong objections.

But the “Army Chemists of Tambov City” non-governmental organization attempted to dump chemicals anyway with no safe packaging or documents of origin at the air base claiming permission had come from the Head of the Natural Resources Department of the Ministry of Environment and Green Development, D.Enkhbat last March.
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