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Opposition party establishes working group to inspect Mongol Bank

2013 оны 4 сарын 23

The opposition MPP caucus in Parliament announced on Monday the establishment of a working group aiming to verify issues on the Central Bank, state owned Erdenes Tavantolgoi LLC and the State Service Council for their argument supporting the Prime Minister`s resignation.

The MPP caucus discussed several issues during Monday`s caucus meeting.

The MPP caucus submitted a demand for the Prime Minister`s resignation in the plenary session meeting of Parliament but took a break due to the need to support their claims with evidence and to verify the facts.

MPP claims that it needs to verify some data of dismissed state staff, whether the Central Bank bought gold with Chinggis bond assets and if the Prime Minister`s relative won a tender in Tavantolgoi unfairly in order to add more reasons behind their demand for the Prime Minister`s resignation.

MPP suggested to DP that a joint working group could be established together to verify the issues but DP rejected it.

MPP therefore issued a decision to establish a working group of nine members of the caucus to work on these issues.

The working group is expected to conduct an inspection on the Central Bank, Erdenes Tavantolgoi LLC and the State Service Council and report on the results of the inspection during Wednesday`s caucus meeting.
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