S.Bayartsogt dismissed as Deputy Speaker

2013 оны 4 сарын 25

Parliament discussed MP and Deputy Speaker S.Bayartsogt`s failure of including a secret Swiss bank account and offshore company in his income declaration during Thursday`s meeting. MPs reached a decision to ask for the resignation of MP S.Bayartsogt who confirmed his failure as Deputy Speaker with 87.5 percent approval. Only right MPs hesitated to vote, but 56 of a total of 74 MPs who attended the meeting agreed to resign Deputy Speaker S.Bayartsogt.

MP and Chairwoman of Ethic Sub-Committee, M.Batchimeg announced the Sub-Committee`s findings and summaries to Parliament at the beginning of the plenary session meeting.

The Ethic Sub-Committee discussed the issue in a Committee meeting on April 23rd and reached a decision that S.Bayartsogt should take responsibility for failing to include his secret bank account and offshore company in his income declaration, violating article 4.1 of a law on parliamentarian etiquette, after discussing at plenary session meeting.

After the dismissal S.Bayartsogt commented; “In a case of parliamentarian failure to declare some parts of their income, he or she will take responsibility by having legal notice or a wage cut according to current laws.

But I think I should be an exemplar by taking more responsibility, so I submitted a resign request as Deputy Speaker.

I accept all criticism and support. I want to say again that the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) did not mention that I violated law, or laundered money.

It asked me if I included the account and company in my income declaration. The bank account and offshore company was created by purely business income.”
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