Erdenes Tavantolgoi employee goes on hunger strike

2013 оны 4 сарын 29

A member of staff of Erdenes Tavantolgoi the largest state owned company, S.Erdene, has been on a hunger strike since Friday April 26th opposing poor labor conditions and extra hours without pay.

S.Erdene claimed that Erdenes Tavantolgoi violates the labor laws and human rights by forcing staff to work extended hours under the cover of operations. He said that the company failed to carry out its obligation to implement the labor law and ignored staff member`s request to follow a proper work schedule and basic regulations and put pressure on him instead.

S.Erdene has been working for the company as an operator since it was formed. He said that the company decided that he should have training because he went against the system a few days ago.

He explained that such a measure is an attempt to fire him. He said “this attempt means that they will send me on a course and then can fire me claiming I did not pass the exam.”

He established a Trade Union to protect miners and other staff who work in the mining sector.

Currently the Trade Union membership holds 60 percent of Erdenes Tavantolgoi LLC.

However the other members of the Trade Union did not join the hunger strike but agreed with the demands for Erdenes Tavantolgoi to comply with the labor law carrying out proper regulations for labor security and operations.

Local director of Erdenes Tavantolgoi LLC, Batkhuyag met with S.Erdene about his demand. Batkhuyag said that “Erdenes Tavantolgoi LLC had 260 employees but now the number has been increased to 420.The number of people is high, but their work is less.”
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