Bars and night clubs to open until 3:00 am

2013 оны 6 сарын 4

Some changes have been made to the time-table for service providers in the City according to the City Mayor`s А/548 order on May 30th 2013.

The new order revokes the previous time-tables for disco bars that offer special show and dance until midnight and now allows bar and discos to open until 03:00 am without serving alcohol on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

But it regulated the time-tables for bars and night clubs to open between 3:00 pm and midnight on other days of the week. The sale of any alcohols in bar and night clubs after midnight is strictly banned.

Any violation will be result in the cancellation of the establishments special license.

According to the previous regulation disco bars and night clubs must close doors at midnight. But not only civilians but also representatives of the City  Citizens Representative Khural complained about the time-table constraining the right to spend time for leisure.

Public houses and tearooms can open between 09:00-20:00 in winter, 08:00-22:00 in summer according to new time table.

Manufactured goods stores can open between 10:00-20:00 in winter, 09:00-21:00 in summer.

Banks, pharmacies and gas stations can remain open for 24 hours. But there is a demand of an emblem and address in common.

Although there will be no 24 hours fast food services. Fast food services will be available between 7:00 am to 3:00 am.

The new time-table for service providers is effect from the June 3rd 2013.
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