Security Conference in Mongolia

2015 оны 10 сарын 23

The 10th General Conference of the “Council for the Security Cooperation in the Asia Pacific” (CSCAP) is taking place in Ulaanbaatar. The conference began on 21st- and concludes today (23rd October). The event is being organized under the theme: “Confidence Building in Asia Pacific Region: The Security Architecture of the 21st Century”. The “Strategic Research Institute” of the Mongolian National Security Council, which is the Secretary Authority of the CSCAP, is organizing the general conference this time. Approximately, 150 representatives from 20 countries are participating in the general conference. During CSCAP, the panelists will discuss the current situation and urgent problems in the Asia-Pacific Region, the structure of the regional security, the regional energy sector, transportation development, humanitarian aid and disaster prevention etc.


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