Public smoking ban – largely ignored

2015 оны 11 сарын 20

Under the 2013 “Cigarette Control Law”, smoking cigarettes in public places is banned. In the meantime  a total of 1441 people who have been caught smoking in public places and three commercial organisations which have let people smoke have been fined to the tune of MNT 74 million.

Even though, it is claimed the law is being implementated 80%, the real situation is totally different. For example, some 600 kiosks are selling cigarettes secretly and the requirement not to smoke within 500 meters of schools and kindergartens is not being implemented.

The police, inspection personnel and every level of the administration has the right to penalize anyone who breaks the law. The fine as set out in the “Cigarette Control Law” is MNT 50,000 for anyone caught smoking in public place and on the street.


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