“Copper Smelting Plant” to be built in Bor-Undur

2015 оны 11 сарын 30

There are several Mongolian copper enterprises in Mongolia, which export their products, most notably, the “Erdenet Mining Corporation” and “Oyu-Tolgoi Company”. If Mongolia has its own copper smelting plant, it will be possible to separate the gold and silver from the copper in country. Therefore, the value added benefits of the natural resources will increase. During the parliamentary discussion, which took place on 27th November, the Minister of Industry D.Erdenebat said: “We are going to establish a copper smelter at Bor-Undur, based on the proximity of “Tsagaan Suvarga Ord” and “Oyu-Tolgoi”. The reserves of the “Erdenet Mining Corporation” are now depleted to 16%, for which reason we decided to focus on the southern alternative. Therefore, the concept to build the plant based on the other fields is a good choice. The copper smelting plant will require 8000 cubic metres of water daily. The water will be “grey water” from a flouride processing plant and groundwater”.


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