“Historical Contract”

2015 оны 12 сарын 1

The President of Mongolia has given the following speech during the United Nations Conference on Climate Change- COP 21 which is currently taking place in Paris:

Honorary President Francois Hollande,

President of the COP-21 Mr. Laurent Fabius,

Dear representatives,

Congratulations to the Government of France, on organizing the United Nations Conference on Climate Change.

Today, humanity has two urgent issues which must be solved immediately. The first is terrorism, which is spreading rapidly. The latest example is the “Paris Attack”, which has brought so much pain to France. As I have already said, we confirm that we stand with the people of France. The second big issue is that of global climate change. The victim of this phenomenon is the earth and humanity.

We can succeed, if we take away controversial opinions. In New-York, we approved the “Sustainable Development Goals-203”. Therefore, I believe that we can fulfil our promises, duties and responsibilites for the good of all humanity.

My friends, and partners,

Let’s analyze our duties and promises once again.  Let’s identify our responsibilties. Let’s lay out our the things which we really must do.

  1. Financing: No intention can be implemented without sufficient financing and technical assistance. Mongolia has huge reserves of renewable energy. But the price of tapping this energy is still high; it is four times higher than conventional fossil fuel. Therefore, let’s integrate our possibilities to create co-ordinated investment and implemention of the development goals.

  2. Responsibility: I appeal not to err from the intentions or become discouraged.I hope that this time we can succeed.  Our duties and promises require the highest level of responsibility. We cannot accept documents, which do not set out their responsibilities. Therefore, I wish to highlight “great responsibility” and further responsibilities.

  3. Per capita greenhouse gases: I suggest we identify the amount of the greenhouse gases gernerated per capita. This step will make it easier to control and formulate policy on greenhouse gases. This will increase a sense of responsibilty and clarify the level greenhouse gas taxation which will be required.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The heads of the 150 countries are meeting for the first time in the history. We are assembled here to make this historical contract for saving the earth. Passing on this blue planet “intact” to our nations and future generations is our duty. 

Thank you, for letting us visit this beautiful city of Paris. I believe that we will save the earth and humanity from imminent danger.

Thank you for your attention.

Source: www.president.mn

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