Special fee must be paid, if uranium used

2015 оны 12 сарын 15

The Mongolia has approved the “Nuclear Energy Law” in the 2009, and has formed the special authority for this sector. Last year, Ch.Saikhanbileg has liquidated the authority, and made it into the “Nuclear Commission”, after he became the Prime Minsiter.

Now, Mongolia is going to change the “Nuclear Energy Law”. The Government has discussed the law project on 26th October 2015, and decided to present law project to the Parliament. Due to the new project, the uran explorer entities must pay special fee.

The Mongolian uranium reserve is estimated as 43,900 tons. This is just the known amount of current time. The subsiduary company of “Areva”, which owns the uranium explorer license has taken their permission of uranium usage in 2014.  Therefore, officials are saying that Mongolia will be available to export uranium from 2017.

The issue, related to the biggest uranium reserve in the Dornod is still not completed. The license of the Canadian “Khan Resource Company”, which were operating exploration in Dornod was cancelled on 10th July 2009. Due to the Arbitration Court, Mongolia is in charge of USD 100 million debt.


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