Ulaanbaatar to co-operate with “Huawei Technologies”

2015 оны 12 сарын 18

Ulaanbaatar Mayor E.Bat-Uul has held an official meeting with the Deputy President of China’s “Huawei Technologies”, MrJang Tayan. During the meeting, both sides exchanged their opinions about co-operation in the “Smart Ulaanbaatar” program.

Mr Jang Tayansaid that: “Our companycurrently is implementing “Smart City” programs in 60 locationsaround the world. Regarding Ulaanbaatar; in the first phase, we would like to co-operate in the IT sector, which would involve installing control cameras and information display at UB’s crossroads. The estimated cost would be USD 5.5 million”.

In reply, Mayor E.Bat-Uul has said that: “We are glad for your offerof co-operation. First of all, we need to work, taking into consideration our mutual interests and without any any problems. The 16th session of the City Representative Assembly has approved the “Smart Ulaanbaatar” program. This program will be implemented in the three phases in the period up 2020. It will be a great pleasure to co-operate with your company”.

Source: Media Bureau at the City Administration 



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