L.Erdenechimeg: Law project of TavanTolgoi to be presented

2015 оны 12 сарын 18

During a press conference which was held on 2nd November,Member of Parliament L.Erdenechimeg and Kh.Battulga announced that they intend to present the Parliamentary protocol project, entitled, the “Usage of the TavanTolgoi Coal Field” to the Director of the Governmental Executive Administration S.Bayartsogt. For the last month, S.Bayartsogt has been saying that no information could be provided, as a month is required to obtain the decision of the ministers and ministries.

Therefore, we have obtained clarification from MP L.Erdenechimeg about the TavanTolgoi project:

-It has been one month, since the TavanTolgoi Coal Field project was presented. How is the project is going?

-The one month of polling finished on 10th December. We have heard that this issue is going to be discused at a session of the Governmental. Therefore, if we finish collecting all the required documents, we are preparing to present the law project to Parliament viaParliamentary  SpeakerZ.Enkhboldnext Monday or Tuesday,


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