Military helicopter crashes

2015 оны 12 сарын 25

Yesterday evening (23rd Dec), a MI-8 military helicopter crashed killing one and injuring ten people. The helicopter, which belongs to the 337th Armed Force, located in the Nalaikh District was on a night training flight. Information about the crash was provided at 09.00 am today by the director of the military communications department of the Armed Forces Ts.Batsaikhan and deputy director S.Dashzeveg.

According to their report, there were eleven people on board. One of them, Flight Technician, N.Batbayr, aged 37 lost his live. The remaining ten people have been delivered to the Central Military Hospital with the various trauma and injuries.

Colonel G.Otgonbayar was flying the helicopter when the accident occured. The Central Military Hospital is a closed facility so currently we do not know about the condition of the survivors.


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