Contested to organize election in five regions

2015 оны 12 сарын 28

On 24th November, the nine political parties, which do not have seats in Parliament called a press conference.

They reminded the Democratic Party and the Mongolian People’s Party that: “Discussing and approving the electoral law, two days before the deadline for passing legislation ends is a discredit to the honor of the State and a betrayal of the trust of the people”.

Also, they noted that organizing election in the regional systems is illegal. These two popular parties are trying to launch this idea, in order beneficial directly. This is the unfair decision to buy election. The nine  political parties included: the “Freedom of Implementation Party”, the “Civil Movement Party”, the “All Mongolian Labor Party of”, the “United Patriotic  Party”, the “Mongolian Green Party”, the “Republican Party”, the “Mongolian Conservative Party”, the “Development Program Party”, and the “Mongolian Women’s Party”.


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