Electoral Law approved

2015 оны 12 сарын 28

On 25th December, Parliament held the final discussion on the three additional proposed changes to the electoral law. In detail: the first change was presented by 16 members, led by Member of Parliament R.Burmaa on 6th November; the second was presented by 7 members led by MP Su.Batbold also on 6th November; and the final change was presented by 10 members, headed by MP O.Baasankhuu on 13th November. A.Bakei was responsible for introducing the debate and presenting the conclusions of the State Structure Standing Committee. A total of 52 of the 60 members, participated in the vote to accept the draft electoral law ammendements. Also, there had been a suggestion to divide Mongolia, into five regions: western, eastern, central, Khangain, and Ulaanbatar; this idea, however, was not accepted by the political parties. Therefore, elections will not be organized at the level of the proposed regions.


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