New laws to take effect from 2016

2016 оны 1 сарын 3

During the autumn session of Parliament, a total of 27 decisions regarding legislation were taken, as a result of which, 10 new laws have come into force with effect as of 1st January 2016. These are:

1. "2016 State Budget Law"

2. "2016 Social Insurance Fund Budget Law"

3. "2016 Human Development Fund Budget Law"

4. "Audit Law"

5. "Accounting Law"

6. "Child Care Law"

7. "Law on Culture". According to this law, at least 60% of the contents of national TV broadcasting must be created for children; 70% must be of -specifically Mongolian related content

8. "Electoral Law"

9. "Law on Reporting the 2016 State Budget"

10. Parliamentary decision to integrate some agencies and authorities. For example: the "General Taxation Authority" will be merged with the "General Custom House", and the "National Statistical Office of Mongolia" with the "State Registration Office of Mongolia".


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