6560 tons of hay to be provided free

2016 оны 1 сарын 4

Today, the State Special Commission (SSC) had its first meeting of the year. Commission Secretary, M.Enkh-Amar raised the situation of winter provisions. From 16th-28th December, SSC staff worked in the 95 soums of all Mongolia’s 21 provinces.

Currently, there is heavy snowfall in a total of 50 soums, which means that is is hard for livestock to feed. For this reason the SCC and the Government have decided that 6560 tons of hay will be provided free and 2678 tons of forage will be made available at a 50% discount. According to their statement; if there is no further snowfall during January, the risk of blizzard will be reduced.

Finally, according to Protocol number 480; 10 vehicles from the State Reserve delivered to the soums, are in very poor condition (3 for police vehicles, 3 emergency situation vehicles and 4 hospital vehicles).


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