Traders not using the new receipt - to be penalized

2016 оны 1 сарын 5

Yesterday, the Prime Minister Ch.Saikhanbileg bought some products from a “Mini Hyper Market”, and registered his receipt to the site. After this, he spoke in Government House on the new VAT requirements.

The new receipt must include the QR-code, the bar code of the trader, the company logo, the tax payment number and the total amount of the purchase. The Prime Minister said that: “This new VAT law has the benefit of creating economic transparency. Previoulsy, unregistered revenue had to be declared under the “Economic Transparency Law”; now, the new “VAT Law” provides the necessary transparency.

Therefore, people should demand a copy of the receipt from the trader, in order to obtain the 2% VAT refund and also participate in the lottery”.

Currently, 330,000 entities are linked to the In addition, all entities must start to provide the new receipts by 18th January. Those which fail to do so will be penalized with a fine of 2% of their income.


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