Bank robber still wanted

2016 оны 1 сарын 7

On 24th December, a bank robbery took place in Ulaanbaatar’s Khan-Uul District. The robber has still not been caught.

The incident took place at a branch of the “Capital Bank”. According to the police “the suspect entered the bank wearing a mask; after threatening a bank teller with a gun he stole about MNT 10 million and escaped”.

According to an order by the director of the Police Authority, the 1st Office of the Khan-Uul District Police Authority, the staff of the Criminal Police Authority and the State Investigation Authority is working to solve the case. Although, a video of the robbery was recorded on the control camera, the robber has still not yet been identified. The General Police Authority said that they will inform the public as soon as the criminal has been caught.


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