International and British Red Cross – emergency aid to herders

2016 оны 1 сарын 11

The State Commission for Emergency Situations, which met on 4th January, discussed the situation in 16 provinces, where 50 soums (districts) are experiencing extreme conditions due to heavy snowfall. It was decided that the State Budget and the “Red Cross Society” would provide financial and material support, such as clothes, and food-aid to herders and their families in these areas.

In the first phase, the International Red Cross Society will be providing MNT 300 million to the families in the most danger. In addition, the British Red Cross has offered to provide MNT 140 million aid to six provinces. This combined Red Cross support will benefit 1600 families across the 18 provinces, of whom, 400 families will receive direct financial support, consisting of MNT 192,000 for each family member; the remaining 1200  families will receive  gers, heating equipment, fuel and clothing etc. The financial support will be provided via the “Khaan Bank”.


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