Mongolia to establish base in Antarctica

2016 оны 1 сарын 13

In March 2015, Mongolia joined the Antarctic Treaty System.  Dr D.Batmunkh, a scientist, who heads the Mongolian Water Association, has been working on a joint research project with a Bulgarian team to select the ideal location for a national research base in Antarctica. The Mongolian base will be on the Southern Continent’s Livingston Island. Yesterday Dr Batmunkh announced that he is going to present a request to the Government, proposing that the State Budget provides USD 250,000 financing to cover the first phase of the reasearch base project. If the Government provides the requested funds, Mongolia will have a large scientific research center in Antarctica.  

Currently, 20 countries have joined the Antarctic Treaty System in order to conduct research there, of which, 10 countries have already established bases. The research team has provided a video and photographs fmom their mission to Antarctica. This shows the demarcation, elevation and suroundings of the proposed Mongolian base. The scientists crossed a huge distance over their 40 day mission.


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