Results of “Civil Participation-City Tomorrow” will be introduced

2016 оны 1 сарын 15

Today, UB City Mayor E.Bat-Uul received a guest from “Stanford University”, Professor James S.Fishkin .

At the initiative of Mayor Bat-Uul and using the advice of James S.Fishkin, the “Civil Participation- City Tomorrow” referendum has been organized.

Mr Bat-Uul told Prof. Fishkin that he is satisfied with the preliminary results of the referendum; he added that the referendum results are based on reality and do not show any conflct of interest. The mayor mentioned that the idea of the referendum came from President Elbegdorj. The President would like to use this referendum as a method for making decisions, taking public opinions into account.

Prof.Fishkin said that: “To look over the preliminary of the referendum, citizens are worried about the environment, and proposed reducing congestion in the city and move the factories out of UB. Therefore several satellite towns are required. We will provide the final result of the referendum shortly”.

The results will be published on 18th January.

Source: Media Bureau at the City Administration


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