First canning plant

2016 оны 1 сарын 18

Mongolia is famous for meat products such as beef steak and liver pudding. Every year, however, national meat processing companies have to spend USD 6 million importing cans from abroad. These expensive imports are soon about to end – Mongolia is opening its first canning plant. “Mongol Laaz” (laaz means “can”) which is located in the Darkhan-Uul Province has started its production trials. The plant will be able to produce cans with a capacity of 210gr to 5000gr. 

On 16th January, the Minister of Industry, D.Erdenebat, MP N.Batbayar and the CEO of the Development Bank, N.Munkhbat, were introduced to the operations of the new plant. “Mongol Laaz” will officially start supplying its cans to the domestic market from the spring. Tests show that the cans have met all the international requirements and food safety standards. 


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