S.Oyun: I do not understand the letter

2016 оны 1 сарын 22

On 19th January, the Justice Union Group sent a letter to the Civil Will Green Party. The letter contained an offer to co-operate in solving the most urgent issues in a way which would be beneficial to the Mongolian people. The letter also included the following proposal: “The members of the Civil Will Green Party, who have parliamentary seats, can attend meetings of the Justice Union Group, and are free to express their opinions. In the future the two organizations can co-operate”. Therefore, we have clarified the response to this letter from the Chairman of the Civil Will Green Party, Ms. S.Oyun. She said:

-The Parliamentary Administration gave me a letter, written by the Director of the Justice Union Group, Z.Bayanselenge. Generally, we have been co-operating with other parliamentary groups and working teams in the process of law making. Regarding this letter, I do not understand it very well. I guess what they mean is that: “The two parliamentary members of the Civil Will Green Party can attend their meeting, because our two members cannot implement our ideas in the Parliament”. Even though we have few seats in the Parliament, we are working successfully on legislation and in working groups. This is due to our party’s action plan. We have solved many issues, which have been initiated by others. Therefore, we do not consider that we will not join the Justice Union Group in the future.


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