Tourism season to be lengthened

2016 оны 1 сарын 26

Tourism is very important to the Mongolian economy – unfortunately, it is a highly seasonal affair. Because of the short season, tour operators work intensively in the summer, but from October to June income is extremely low. The director of the City Tourism Authority, E.Battulga, has noted that: “There are 10 hotels which have 4 or 5 stars in Mongolia. We are supporting the development of these hotels, by signing a contract under which they will cut their rates by 50% during the “non-tourist” period from September to May”.

Ulaanbaatar lies at a cross-roads – on average it receives trains from 20 countries on 5 routes, and flights from 50 countries on 7 routes each week, but the number of the tourists is fluctuates, depending on the month. A total of 44% of the all tourists come to Mongolia, during the months of July, August and September. Subsequently, the presure on hotels and international flights is naturally heavy during these months.

Source: City Tourism Authority


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