Green UB - MNT 5.8 billion to be spent in 2016

2016 оны 1 сарын 26

Over the past three years, Ulaanbaatar has spent MNT 15.2 billion on planting trees and flowers in the city streets. An additional MNT 5.8 billion is being budgeted for this summer. The ASEM-2016 international conference will take place later this year. Therefore, the priority for planting the trees and flowers will be in the streets where the visiting delagates will be staying and working.

The Japanese Ambassador to Mongolia Shimizu Takenori had noted that: “Despite the fact that in recent years, Ulaanbaatar has been paying more attention to green areas, it is still not enough in comparison with other foreign cities. In UB buildings go up without any good overall planning, this makes it pretty hard to create green areas and to make it more pleasant. Therefore, in the future, UB must plan construction works very carefully”.

There are only two kinds of trees in the green areas in the peace avenue, they are: elmes and aspen. The City Authority has prepared the floriculturists in Japan since 2013. 


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