“The Government will not fall under any circumstances”

2016 оны 1 сарын 27

The Mongolian People’s Party (MPP) Group and non-party Members of Parliament have announced that they accepted the proposal to dismiss the Prime Minister. We have, therefore, asked what the views of several members of the Democratic Party (DP), as to what they think.

B.Garamgaibaatar, MP and head of DP the Group in Parliament.

-The MPP has stated that they want the PM to be dismissed. Can the position of the opposition party effect the Government?

-The decision of MPP was made on Monday – it doesn’t come as a surprise. On Monday, it became appaent that even though the project to dismiss the PM was presented by G.Uyanga, the MPP was behind it. As the DP, we are working to ensure that our Government does not fall. We are certain, therefore, that the Government will not fall under any circumstances.

- The MPP called a boycott on the debate regarding counting votes manually in elections. On that occasion the DP could not raise the necessary quorum for debate. If the MPP calls a boycott again because of the Government dismissal issue, will the DP be able to ensure that sufficient members are in attendance for a Parliamentary session?

- We will try to ensure that the 35 MPs of DP will attend the session. The 26 MPs of MPP, three MPs of Justice Union and non-party MPs cannot dismiss the Government, even if they all stand together.

J.Batzandan. MP,  Chairman of Application Standing Committee.

- Parliament will discuss the proposal to dismiss the Government this week. In your opinion, what will the outcome be?

- The Government will not be dismissed. The issue will be discussed, but the Goveernment will not be dismissed - it is clear to see.

-There are quite a lot of MP’s who want it to be dismissed. Will they influence the decision?

- The MPP is the opposition party. Their aim must be to control the party in power. But, all they are doing is making protests, calling for dismissals. We need creative opposition party, not them! The MPP is not able to work as an opposition party should. I want to say: “Learn how to do these jobs – in the correct way”. They used to run Mongolia, when they were in power. As the Opposition they are still creating obstacles; they should stop doing this. I want to say - stop making political performances like this.


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