“Development Revolution”

2016 оны 1 сарын 28

Yesterday, an event entitled “Development Revolution” took place at the Trade Unions’ Central Palace of Culture. This was to mark the 5th anniversary of the Special Session of the Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party (MPRP). 

After an opening concert, N.Udval, an MP and a member of the MPRP’s Executive Bureau made a speech entitled “Five years of Struggle and Hard Endurance”; MP Ch.Ulaan, another member of the Executive Bureau, Member of Parliament and Director of the Budget Standing Committee spoke on the theme of “Let’s Solve Oyu-Tolgoi Together”. The “Development Revolution” event had photograph exhibitions on the subjects of “Mommy, I’m Hungry”, “History of Restoring the Party Name” and the “Arrest of N.Enkhbayar”.

Approximately, 1000 MPRP representatives from every khoroo (ward) of the nine districts of Ulaanbaatar and all 21 provinces attended the session. 

G.Byambasuren, who is MPRP Secretary for UB said: “Five years ago, we announced a program of fair and just actions - today, we are concluding everything we have done over the last five years. Mongolia put state development on hold for 25 years following the ‘Democratic Revolution’. Therefore, MPRP has introduced a ‘roadmap’ for a future ‘Development Revolution’”.   


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