“VAT Giveaway” lottery on 31st January

2016 оны 2 сарын 1

The new VAT law which came into force on 1st January 2016 enables people to reclaim 2% of their purchases and also to participate in a lottery twice a month.

In the first lottery, which was held on 17th January, the public registered 1,114,929 receipts on the ebarimt.mn site.  A total 160 people, who had registered 1169 receipts, became lotto winners – of whom approximately 20 people won MNT 500,000.

On Sunday 31st January at 19.30 pm, the second lottery is going on air via Mongolian National Broadcaster; this time, there will be 4800 winners. According to R.Otgontulga, who is director of the “VAT Giveaway” at the General Authority of Customs and Taxation, 2-3 winners will win MNT 20 million. There will also be a lot more winners of the MNT 4 million than in the first lottery.

The third VAT lottery will be held on 7th February and is expected to be even bigger; it is forecast that it will involve about 7 million receipts.

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