“Made in Mongolia”: support to local SME’s

2016 оны 2 сарын 1

The “Made in Mongolia- Tsagaan Sar 2016” fair trade has opened in Ulaanbaatar’s “Hunnu Mall”, the “Night Bazaar” and the “Mongol Outlet” centers. In total some 340 domestic producers and manufacturers are participating. This kind of fair trade provides capital for future production and also helps them pay back their bank loans. Last year, there was a MNT 3 billion turnover at last year’s fair.

Recently, the state policy on industry and small and medium enterprises (SME’s) showed some positive results. Moreover, it has been a year, since the Ministry of Industry was established. In the meantime, the policy and targets of this sector have become more clearly defined; as a result many enterpreneurs are grateful to the Ministry of Industry, for supporting them to overcome their problems, exploring and understanding export opportunities and in communicating with potential investors. 

At present the biggest remaining problems which need to be solved are setting a flexible rental fee and simplifying the bank lending requirements.


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