“Justice Union Group” – days numbered?

2016 оны 2 сарын 3

It is being reported that the three MP’s G.Uyanga, L.Tsog, and O.Baasankhuu, who planned to bring down the Saikahnbileg Government, are now about to cause the collapse of the Justice Union Group in Parliament, of which they are members. According to the law, for a group in Parliament to exist - it must have a working quorum of at least 8 members. If these three MP’s leave the Justice Union Group there will not be a quorum and it will have to be disbanded. We, therefore, asked MP G.Uyanga to clarify this. Here is her response:

-The Justice Union Group, which combines the Mongolian People’s Revolution Party (MPRP) and the Mongolian National Democratic Party (MNDP), has many mistakes. For example, our party has, on several occasions, made official demands, to Parliament, about Oyu-Tolgoi. But, the Justice Union Group has protected the Government. The Justice Union Group is not able to work fairly. Also, there is the current sensation about Minister G.Shiilegdamba who was arrested and is at present on bail.

However, the disintegration of the Justice Union Group is not our intention. Under any circumstances, leaving the group would be the easiest choice - I am not looking for easiest choices. We could choose to leave, if it is absolutely necessary. Being involved in the group is a strong subject. Unfortunately, the group is not working in the right direction.  


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