Civil Will Green Party to join DP?

2016 оны 2 сарын 4

The DP has offered Civil Will Green Party (CWGP) and Mongolian National Democratic Party to join DP. We clarified about this from CWGP.

The Member of Parliament, Chairperson of CWGP S.Oyun:

  • Anyway, the DP has delievered their offer officially. We formed a working team, and had a meeting with DP. According to the “Law on Political Parties”, and internal rules of our party, we must decide this issue with the Great Meeting of CWGP, after all stages. Before that,  this issue mist be discussed in local sums and city districts must discuss in first.

The general secretary of CWGP B.Khuder-Yan:

  • What is your status on joining DP?

  • I can not decide alone this issue. According to the party rule, this must be discussed in province and districts’s. After this, non-regular meeting might discuss the initial stage decision. If out party accepts to join, the DP must change their party rule. The DP has strict rules. Their rule does not include any word and letter to join another party.

  • How is the financing of the CWGP?

  • Currently, the party financing is very hard. Our party is operating with the donation and taxes of the Members, who are in Parliament. If we join DP, we will be financed under the one party budget.

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