Copper Smelter to be built in Bor-Undur

2016 оны 2 сарын 18

The Ministry of Industry plans to build a copper smelter in Khentii Province in the Bor-Undur Soum (district). The decision was based on the several factors, namely:

  •  there is a well-developed infrastructure

  • it is located between two large copper deposits

  • it is possible to solve the management of sulphuric acid processing in an environmentally friendly manner.

  • it is located in an area with a high geological concentration of fluorspar and and between fluorspar enrichment plants.

  • Bor-Undur has a railway, therefore there is access to the Russian and Chinese markets.

  • Bor-Undur sum is only 50 km distant from the highway from Ulaanbaatar to Zamiin-Uud on the Chinese border.

The annual capacity of the plant will be 530,000 tons of enriched copper.


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