Enkhbayar probe: report not delivered to the Government

2016 оны 2 сарын 19

The Independent Authority Against Corruption (IAAC) has been preparing a report on the Chairman of the Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party, N.Enkhbayar. The former President has been proposed to be appointed as Deputy Prime Minister to the Governmental Administration. The IAAC report is due to be delivered to the Government. Our sources have said that the report consideres that the period of Mr Enkhbayar’s court sentence has not yet expired. It will be recalled that in April 2012, he was arrested by the IAAC for his involvement in the illegal privatization of state owned property; in August of the same year, he was sentenced to 7 years. While in prison his health suffered and he was pardoned by President Elbegdorj. Although the 7 years was reduced to 4 years, this period has not expired.

Therefore, we clarified about whether the report had been received from the Senior Director of the Governmental Administration Sh.Solongo and legal advisor N.Munkh-Erdene, they provided same answer that: “Currently, the IAAC report has not been delivered to the Government”.


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