Non-regular meeting of Parliament: tasks completed!

2016 оны 2 сарын 22

The non-regular Parliamentary meeting, which started at 10.45 am on Friday 19th February finally ended at 20.40pm. When the non-regular meeting was originally called by the Speaker, it was set to have taken place between 15th and 26th February. Even though, the meeting started 4 days later than the proposed date, due to the boycott by many members, it was extremely productive and covered a lot of lost ground.

During the non-regular meeting, Parliament dismissed the director of the Constitutional Court J.Amarsanaa. Also, various draft law projects were approved to be transferred to the standing committees for final discussion; these include: the “Law on Legal Enforcement” (94.5% votes), the “Law on Solving Criminal Cases” (87.7%), the revised “Law on General Taxation” (89.3%), and the “Law for Exemption from Custom’s dues and VAT” (86%). Following these decicions, Speaker Enkhbold announced the close of the non-regular meeting. Therefore, the approved law projects, approved on Friday will be discussed when the spring session of Parliament starts.

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