Meat exports to China finally begin

2016 оны 2 сарын 23

The Ministry of Nutrition and Agriculture has informed that the much talked-about meat consignements to China have officially started. In phase one, 16 tons of meat were exported to the China, via the Burgastai border post in the Govi-Altai Province. “Mon-Tuva”, a company from Uvs Province, undertook the export logistics. Last year, a professional team from China accepted meat imports from five Mongolian provinces, namely: Uvs, Zavhan, Khuvsgul, Govi-Altai, and Bayanhongor. They confirmed that these are regions free from foot-and-mouth disease. Therefore, the Chinese Inspection and Quarantine Service has provided permission, to the following companies to export export beef and mutton: “Zavkhan Khuns Group”, “Khuvsgul Makh Market”, “Mongol Eco Makh”,”Mon-Tuva”, and “Green Grace Land”.


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