Constitutional Court: Judge Janstsan stands in after sacking

2016 оны 2 сарын 23

The irregular parliamentary plenary session, which was held on Friday 19th February, approved the decision to dismiss the director of the Constitutional Court J.Amarsanaa. According to the “Constitutional Court Law”, if the director of the Constitutional Court dies, is dismissed, resignes or is absent for whatever reason, the member of the Constitutional Court, who has worked for longest in the court will act as temporary director. In this instance, the longest serving member is Judge N.Jantsan.

The Constitutional Court must have 9 members. The Supreme Court must offer a ninth member to fill the vacated place in the Constitutional Court. Therefore, Parliament must discuss and, hopefully approve, the candidate presented by the Supreme Court. Following the appointment, all nine members of the Constitutional Court must convene to discuss and choose their new director by closed ballot.

Finally, the same source in response to our question, “Is it possible, that for the Constitutional Court to discuss the dismissal of Mr Amarsanaa?” replied by saying, “there cannot be a discussion, because no complaint has been delivered to the Constitutional Court.  


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