Gatsuurt mine: ancient tombs and springs will be destroyed

2016 оны 2 сарын 24

“NoyonUulaaAvaray” (Let’s Save Mount Noyon) is a campaign opposing the development of the Gatsuurt gold deposit. In the autumn session of Parliament it was decided to go ahead with Gatsuurt. In its battle for the mountain, “NoyonUulaaAvaray” has been joined by the “Gal Undesten” Federation”. Yesterday, at a meeting with journalists,  Ts.Munkhbayar, the leader of the Federation, said the following:

“Preliminary results of research carried out in 2010, indicate that the damage already caused to the environment, including harm caused by chemical leaching (using arsenic) equals MNT 10 billion. Money is needed to repair the damage. If the work on the mine goes ahead, not only will ancient tombs be destroyed but fresh water springs will be obliterated. This is even more serious! Therefore, we strongly oppose any further development of Gatsuurt”.

The campaign to save Mount Noyonis raising questions and may cause a rethink regarding going ahead with the controversial gold mine.

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