Canadian legal specialists visit Mongolia

2016 оны 2 сарын 24

On 23rd February, the director of the Legal Standing Committee,MP.D.Ganbat, and MP D.Lundeejantsanhad a meeting with the department head of Canada’s Ministry of Justice Mr. Serge Lortie, and the Commissioner for Canadian Federal Judicial Affairs.

MrLortie thanked the Mongolian MPs for the meeting and asked what specific help and advice they would like to receive from Canada.

MrLundeejantsan, replied by saying that legal and judicial advice from Canada would be very useful. He mentioned that during the 2015 autumn sessionParliament approved thenew Criminal Law and Law on Violence. Currently, several draft laws, including the Law on Police, Law on Domestic Violence are being discussed and studied by the Legal Standing Committee.

MrD.Ganbatsaid that: “In recent years, the Mongolian legal sector is being updated, in the framework of which, there has been a significant Canadian contribution”. He noted that it is important to co-operate in studying the comparative implementation of the same laws in both Mongolia and Canada. He said it would also be useful for Mongolian experts to study in Canada.

Source: Media Bureau at the Parliamentary Administration 


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